02 APR

April Update from Sam Wagner, Music Minister

The walk-through Easter drama A Silent Lamb, The Hope of the World is only a few weeks away. Pastor Brent, Scott Worde and many others are working diligently to put the final touches on this important evangelistic event for MABC. But we do need some more help. We especially need men who will be a part of the cast. There won't be any lines to memorize. So please contact Brent, Scott or myself if you are interested. A designated phone has been established for this event and you can call it as well. The number is 865-770-9382.

Promotion cards have been printed and we need everyone to be passing out these to everyone you encounter. All the dates and times are there: Friday, April 14, 6-9 PM; Saturday, April 15, 4-7 PM; and Sunday, April 16, 4-7 PM. Everyone should plan to come at one of these times and bring someone who needs to see and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praying that many people will find personal salvation through this drama. Join us in this prayer.