28 JUL

August Update from Dr. Ron Stewart, Interim Pastor

In 1899 Charles H. Duell was the director of the United States Patent Office. He went before the Congress and recommended that the Patent Office be disbanded because, in his words, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Mr. Duell wasn’t able to imagine the jet airplane, television, computers, video cameras, I-phones, microwave ovens, the internet, and thousands of other inventions. Six years later, former President Grover Cleveland, on one of his bad days said, “Sensible and responsible women don’t want to vote.” In 1927, H. M. Warner in Hollywood said, “Who wants to hear actors talk?” I think I agree with him!

The one thing you can count on in life is change. The weather changes, children change, churches change, and every day brings more changes into our world. Everyone knows Madison Avenue is going through changing times. The pastoral leadership is changing. The next pastor will be different from all the other pastors who have served here. I’m sure he will be a man who preaches the Gospel as the others have, but his style and mannerisms will be different. He will probably come with different gifts, and a different approach to fulfilling the vision God has for the church. He will bring a new passion for the ministry of the church, and he will challenge you to renew your passion for the church.

In the middle of these changing times, God has called me here to be your Interim Pastor. I take my calling as your Interim Pastor very seriously. One of my responsibilities is to prepare you for the changes that I know are coming your way. Many of you have leadership positions in the church, and the church needs strong leadership from the members today. I have studied leadership for many years with my friend John Maxwell. One of the things I learned from him was, a good leader starts out as a good follower.

In the weeks ahead I want to help become good leaders, but also good followers. I will share the power of a vision, the need to lead, how to be a second-mile Christian, the good news from the bad news, why good members do bad things, and much more. I want to help prepare you for the new changes that will come when God’s man arrives. Change can be very good!