01 JUN

June Update from Dr. Ron Stewart, Interim Pastor

June is the first full month of summer. It means school is out, vacations are in, staying inside is out, yard work is in, going to the mountains is in, going to church is ____. You will fill in the blank for yourself this summer.

This summer is a very important time in the life of MABC. I want to remind you that your church is in a significant time of transition this summer. The events of these next few months will determine the future ministry of MABC. The searching and calling of a new pastor is one of the most important decisions a church can make. It is imperative that every member of the church maintain a constant prayer vigil for the Search Committee, and the church.

It’s also very important that you continue to attend and support the ministries of the church during this interim period. I encouraged you as a member to do two things in this period, attend and invite. Attend every Sunday you are able, and invite others to come. Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. I know I do as a pastor. We all will be doing some special things this summer that may take us away from our regular routine, but when you are in town I hope you will do your best to support your church and attend each Sunday.

It’s also very important that you continue to support MABC with your tithes and offerings this summer. The electric and gas bills still need to be paid in the summer months. The ministries need to continue throughout the summer. One of the sermon series I have been asked to preach is on financial stewardship. I hope to do that in August or September. The bible is clear that the church isn’t to be supported financially by raffles, garage sales, bake sales, or other outside means. It is to be supported by the tithes and freewill offerings of the church membership. Some members give financially to the church when they attend, but give nothing when they don’t attend. I encourage you to give your tithe and offerings before you go on your vacation, not when you return. Vacation spending seems to produce a lot of excuses for not being financially obedient in our giving.

The second thing I encouraged you to do was to invite others outside the church to attend with you. It isn’t the new pastors job to bring new people into the church. It is the duty of every member. As you walk through each day this summer, the Lord is going to bring people across your path that would join us for worship if you would just invite them to come. Look for them this summer. It could change their lives, your life, and the life of the church.