01 MAR

March Update from Dr. Ron Stewart, Interim Pastor

Being an interim pastor is a new experience for me. After months of prayer I knew God was calling me to serve a church while they were looking for a new pastor. I believe it was by God’s divine providence that he has led me to MABC for such a time as this. I believe my task is to prepare the way for your next pastor.

I have been preaching my first sermons on your need to be a healthy church. For MABC to be a healthy church you must be a healthy member. I have been trying to encourage every member of the church to use this time to examine your personal relationship with the Lord and make sure you are a healthy Christian. Healthy members will produce a healthy church.

In March, I will also be preaching on Sunday evenings. Each evening I will be preaching a series on, “HOW TO BE REAL IN AN ARTIFICIAL WORLD.” It is a study of the five chapters in I John. Some of the sermons are; “How Can You Tell a Real Christian from An Artificial One?” “Keep It Real.” “Real Love in a World of Hate.” “The Anti-Christs are Real and Living Among Us.”

Sunday mornings, after we finish the healthy church series, I will begin a series that will take you on the road to Calvary and the celebration of Easter.

That’s a little of what I will be doing to fulfill my purpose with you. Your purpose in this transition time is to establish Sunday as a time of worship for you and your family. Your attendance every Sunday will be an encouragement to others and help you to improve your own spiritual health. The second thing you need to do is determine to invite at least one person every week to join you in worship.

I believe God is preparing the members of MABC to move to new level of ministry. I hope you will be a part of it.